Choosing to work with the best Chicago web design company means that you are committed to the highest quality for the most value. We guarantee our results or you won't pay a single dollar.

How is that possible? Quite simply, we have the qualifications to back it up. You'll work directly with the company founders, who have Ph.D. degrees, master certification in web technology, and decades of industry experience. We've worked on the same Cray supercomputers that NASA uses, doing projects handling thousands of gigabytes of data.

We enjoy our work and we'll make the entire process fun for you, while creating substantial value for your business. We're faster than anyone else and we can take care of every detail, from domain registration to database hosting to custom programming.

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Company Statement

Spectral Point is a web design company based in Chicago and Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. Our company is here to serve your needs by providing a full range of creative and technical solutions to make your web presence meaningful and productive. We strive for personal service, while maintaining strong expertise in all areas of web design. We have experience with projects of all types and sizes, from the simple homepage designed to present a strong image to the average web surfer, to large-scale corporate applications handling secure e-commerce over multiple servers, to the small business who wants to have all the automated tools of a large corporation without the unreasonable cost. Choosing to work with our company means that you are committed to the highest quality for the most value. Listed below is the leadership team of the company, we hope that you will take the time to contact us and get to know us better.

Custom Programming

Custom programming services are available to meet all of your programming needs. For both large and small scale projects we offer tailored programming solutions in a host of languages including PHP, Perl, and Javascript. Our experienced developers can design custom applications for your particular requirements in a flexible and efficient manner.

dynamic shopping cart and online order tracking
custom e-commerce web site with product catalog
portal sites, user logins, customer accounts
tracking last login time, list of who's currently online
dynamic shipping costs calculated from UPS network server
adjustable tax settings and nontaxable products
automatic credit card validation
advanced search engine with category and price filters
integrated web instant messaging without any downloads
online games like blackjack, tetris, and multiplayer blackjack
code library with automatic syntax highlighting
online organizer with calendar, todo list

Database Design

We specialize in database driven web sites and offer custom database design tailored to your data needs. From the ground up or working with an existing data structure we can implement your database in some of the most popular database application formats in use today.

online catalog database in MySQL
manufacturer database of products and company sites
comprehensive database functions to do error checking
automatic updating of "what's new" list through database
database normalization and optimization
import/export of csv, Excel, Access, and other formats
network database synchronization across multiple servers
advanced search capabilities and optimized indexing

Graphic Design

We offer original graphic design services to customize the look of your site. From creating original art work to incorporating existing logos and images we will give your site the proper visual appeal.

product image uploads and auto-generation of thumbnails
dynamic 404 error page with custom look and feel
browser detection for CSS stylesheets
dynamic storefront appearance to allow reseller stores
floating menu layers for product category navigation
online photo gallery with interactive captions
interactive graphical menu navigations
background images which adjust to window size
liquid layout for varying monitor screen resolutions
automatic gantt chart graphing using the gd library
see the website layouts we've done in our online portfolio

Content Management

One of the services we offer is the capability for you to update content on your website directly, through a comprehensive website interface custom designed by us. This gives you full control over your content and any changes can be made efficiently and with ease. We also offer a scheduled maintainence plan if you prefer to leave the details to us and concentrate on your core business.

full admin interface to review orders
admin page to manage customer accounts
admin updates to product catalog, pricing or sale items
multiple pricing levels for different customer types
server logs and statistics on website traffic
upload capabilities from Peachtree, Excel and Access
online customer testomonials with random display
dynamic maps and driving directions
admin interface to modify HTML on pages through forms
blog feature for online journals including RSS feed
multimedia audio and video
automated streaming of audio and video clips
embedded media player for supported platforms
new content using Amazon web services and Google
REST and SOAP to create mashups

Internet Marketing

We have extensive experience in promoting and marketing your business online, and we can use these skills to help you reach your goals, whether you wish to improve the service to current customers, gain new customers, or build your brand recognition on the internet.

website traffic analysis and detailed reporting
random image display and text to keep content changing
dynamic crosslinking to enhance search engine positions
optimizing keywords and site descriptions
dynamic meta tags across all pages on site
search engine submissions and monitoring of positions
statistical graphs and charts for demographic analysis
dynamic maps of customers showing geographical locations
banner designs and placement, logging all clickthroughs
Google Ads and other affiliate revenue
marketing on newsgroups, mailing lists, and websites

Website Usability

Our primary focus in designing a website is to make it accessible and "user-friendly". To do this, we apply specific principles of design and layout to make important content easy to find, and focus the user's attention on key points of the business. This improves the overall user experience, resulting in direct benefits to the business itself.

graphical layout design to maximize user efficiency
optimize paths to important content, minimize clicks
threaded discussion forum linked to support database
dynamic context-sensitive automated help system
secure email between users without revealing address
monitoring of user paths through site, time spent on site
copyright statement or privacy policy

System Administration

We prefer to work with unix-based platforms because of the proven reliability and flexible configurations available. We can design a full scale web server architecture to handle any size application, and our company is known for providing creative ways to optimize both the speed and flexibility of your site.

internal company applications to track corporate data
multiple redundant servers with automated backups
virtual hosting to support multiple sites through Apache
automatic network time protocol updates
secure PGP order encryption and SSL certificate
web email including mime types and attachments
experience with Apache, IIS, and cloud servers
Linux, Windows, and Mac


Web Strategy and Planning

  • Business Background
    • company mission
    • selling a product?
    • internet sales potential
    • certain products to focus on
  • Existing Web Property
    • redesign or original site
    • e-commerce history
    • customer interest in web presence
    • who uses the current site, demographics
    • marketing current site
    • search engine placement
    • keywords
    • performance measurement
    • site updates, who does it, how often
  • New Web Initiative
    • key project sponsor
    • main purpose
    • advertising or direct revenue
    • short and long term goals
    • how does site help company purpose
    • is the website part of a bigger initiative
    • business-to-business or business-to-consumer
    • benefits: revenue, more customers, brand building
    • product, service or information
    • goals: information, influence, build image, retail, customer service
    • added-value service or draw new customers
    • size, number of pages
    • starting size, eventual size
    • interactive features
    • sites you like
    • competitors and their sites
    • links to other sites
  • Users
    • target customer (or supplier)
    • web capabilities of customers
    • changing demographics over time
    • target demographics
    • audience education level, job, age, ethnicity, etc
    • why would people come to the site
    • any past market research
    • other information users might search for
  • Financial
    • maximum funding
    • other areas of business funding to apply
    • self-sufficient website
    • time schedule
    • return on investment
    • criteria for approval
    • generate revenue
    • advertising, online and offline
    • any conflicts of interest
  • Partners
    • any business partners
    • looking to build relationships?
    • in-house vs. sub-contracting
  • Business Re-Engineering
    • training and development
    • changing any business processes
    • involvement of different business departments
    • integration with offline ordering
    • automating other business tasks
    • any other capabilities that would be useful
  • Marketing
    • any current marketing agencies
    • internet marketing experience
    • marketing department decisions
    • co-marketing or co-branding
    • forms of marketing
    • conventional media (print, radio, TV)
    • search engines
    • specialty websites
    • newsgroups, mailing lists
    • purchase ad space
    • buy ads on search engines
  • Success and Reporting
    • success measurement
    • statistics
    • hits, visits, browsers, referrers
    • who monitors access logs

Creative Requirements

  • Key Contact Person
    • who is brand guardian
    • do they handle brand positioning
    • who signs off on creative issues
  • Branding
    • independent site or match branding precisely
    • what brand values to promote
    • design guidelines
    • is branding appropriate for web
    • unique graphics, logos, or buttons
    • tagline
    • stock images vs. original
  • Target Audience
    • target audience
    • single most important focal point
  • Other Websites
    • past or current creative agencies
    • competitors' sites
    • other sites you like or dislike design-wise
  • Technology
    • layout design
    • page design size
    • dynamic media
    • interactive navigation
    • e-commerce
    • contact form
    • advertisements
    • multimedia
    • audio files
    • video files

Technical Requirements

  • Web Hosting
    • existing ISP
    • email processing
    • who reads email
    • SSL certificate
    • offline or online credit card processing
    • requirements - disk space, bandwidth, technologies, uptime
  • Features and Coding
    • email form
    • interactive forms
    • guest book
    • shopping cart
    • search engine
    • store locator
    • user login accounts
    • news updates
    • dynamic web content (maps, news)
    • calendar of events
    • file uploads
    • admin interface
    • audience capabilities - OS, browser
  • Database
    • do you need a database
    • database format
    • updating database
    • import/export database
    • user interactions with database
  • Outsourcing and Testing
    • existing outsourcing team
    • testing strategy
    • who does testing
    • technical features
    • website usability
    • creative design appeal
    • reports on performance
  • System Administration and Management
    • platform and OS
    • system security
    • network technology
    • internal network or intranet
    • technical specifications
    • documentation
    • software applications currently used
    • contact person who can sign off on technical issues
    • who does site maintainence
    • cost of site maintainence
    • monthly contract for site maintainence
    • admin training
    • online admin tools

Content Requirements

  • Current Content
    • existing content to reuse
    • offline content to incorporate
    • is the content in electronic form?
    • need to type text or scan graphics?
    • format of source content
    • file types of source content
  • Content Organization and Legal Management
    • main categories or sections
    • relationship between sections and subsections
    • site flowchart
    • ownership and rights to content
    • worldwide rights
    • data protection and privacy policies
    • is there a legal department
    • any legal requirements to check
    • main point of contact for editorial decisions
  • New Content
    • types of content
    • customer database
    • supplier database
    • stock and inventory database
    • use of library/stock material
    • commision original material
    • intellectual property rights for content
    • intellectual property rights for programmed code
    • someone to broker content deals
    • how much compromise on branded content to save time and money
    • editorial, style, or publishing guidelines
    • rich media content - animation, audio, video, audio
  • Updating Content
    • how is current content updated
    • what kinds of improvements
    • is there an editorial team
    • existing staff can edit content
    • technical skills of staff
    • training for staff
    • frequency of website updates
    • website areas requiring updates
    • how many people will edit content
    • location of content editors
    • varying levels of admin access
    • version control
    • rollback of content changes
    • any user-generated content
    • monitoring of user-generated content